About Us

What we do:

The City Centre Chaplains visit staff who work in the city at the workplace, in shops, offices and other organisations. We build friendships, listen, and support people. Chaplaincy is free of charge to receiving organisations, and confidential. We serve people of any background or faith.

How we do it:

We have time to listen. People can talk about personal things, family concerns or work-related issues. We are not employees of any business in the city so we can provide an independent listening ear. We complement other welfare and counselling agencies.

Where we do it:

The chaplaincy team, led by Debbie Veel, the City Centre Chaplain, currently has 14 members, from a variety of churches in and around Winchester. We visit staff in the majority of the 800+ organisations operating in the city centre, including the City Council, the Law Courts, Police Station, Debenhams, M&S, The Brooks and a host of smaller businesses.